L e n d e rs  T e c h n i c a l  A s s i s t a n c e

Welcome to Lenders Technical Assistance
Welcome to Lenders Technical Assistance (LTA). We are an outsource firm and cost segregation provider. Our outsourcing component  offers a variety of credit department services to financial institutions, which saves them money by eliminating the need to hire inhouse credit analysts, provide work spaces, or supply special equipment or software. Our credit department services include commercial loan write ups, annual review write ups, financial statement  spreads and analysis, collateral inspections and valuations, and loan workout assistance. In addition, we can provide in-house credit analyst training.

Cost Segregation Services, Incorporated (CSSI) Our cost segregation component consists of an experienced and qualified engineering firm, who performs cost segregation studies on commercial property and its depreciable compoments.  This study allows you to accelerate the depreciation of the building and/or renovation components into faster depreciation categories such as 5, 7, and 15-year rather than conventional 27.5 and 39-year schedules.

This engineered cost segregation study results in a much higher depreciation expense and significantly reduced taxable income for the property owner.  Best of all, an IRS ruling states cost segregation can be applied to all categories of buildings, leasehold, and renovations, built or purchased after 1986.